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IPA Trainer - Helping you practice and transcribe phonetics

Most popular consonant tables:
   Practice or transcribe All characters (Rasmus Rimestad) - 11803859 visits
   Practice or transcribe 9a (Claire Timmins) - 1865634 visits
   Practice or transcribe American English (Yasuo Nakajima) - 1347582 visits
   Practice or transcribe English (Rasmus Rimestad) - 1290633 visits
   Practice or transcribe Bsc1 IPA (Claire Timmins) - 1167101 visits
   Practice or transcribe Occitan (Daniela Müller) - 1031742 visits
   Practice or transcribe Deutsch (Simone Falk) - 882483 visits
   Practice or transcribe Australian English... (Catherine Easton) - 842464 visits
   Practice or transcribe British English Cons... (Carolin Esser) - 785085 visits
   Practice or transcribe LING201 (Andrew Carnie) - 607037 visits

Most popular vowel trapeziums:
   Practice or transcribe All vowels (Rasmus Rimestad) - 661281 visits
   Practice or transcribe English vowels (Cindy Blanco) - 242883 visits
   Practice or transcribe Deutsch (Simone Falk) - 232160 visits
   Practice or transcribe Vowels (Michael Kiefte) - 222853 visits
   Practice or transcribe American English vow... (Heidi Lorimor) - 204748 visits
   Practice or transcribe English 1104/2104 Vo... (Christophe dos Santos) - 168657 visits
   Practice or transcribe Occitan (Daniela Müller) - 156306 visits
   Practice or transcribe Australian English v... (Andrea Schalley) - 150088 visits
   Practice or transcribe PLA2 (Andy) - 101099 visits
   Practice or transcribe LING201 (Andrew Carnie) - 98133 visits

Phonetics is the study of the sounds of human speech. This site aims at helping people interested in phonetics to practice and transcribe the characters of the IPA. The site also includes the IPA Writer, which is an immensely valuable tool which can be used to transcribe and For discussing phonetics or other linguistics, we provide the IPA Forum.

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Since all the symbols in the IPA are not relevant to all languages, IPA Trainer offers the opportunity for anyone to register and customise their own IPA table(s) and then practice them themselves, or direct their students to those/that table(s).

If you want an introduction to customising your own IPA table, click here

If you want to practice IPA characters, you have the following opportunities:
  • If a teacher gave you a username...
    The URL to directly access it is where "username" has to be replaced with your lecturer's username. To go directly there, enter his/her username in the text box below, and click OK:

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  • If you forgot your teacher's username...
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  • If no one you know of has created an IPA table for you to practice...
    You can search for consonant tables. To search for table, enter something you are searching for in the text box below:

    Consonant table:
    Vowel trapezium:
    Or you can register and customise your own IPA table. To register, click here

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